Eli Someck
David Jaffe, Jaffe Management
I first worked with Eli in 2008 to find an office space, his integrity and dedication to the task found us a great place that let our company grow. Three years later I called him back and he lead us through another exhaustive search until we found the perfect space. He did not give up until we had something that worked out well for us, brought us through the negotiations and did so while being straightforward, supportive and realistic. I cannot recommend him highly enough as an agent to help you find your next space
Megan Maselli, Better Place
I had the great fortune of working with Eli at Living Real Estate Group to find our New York office space. Since I am based in California, it was a huge challenge to search for the perfect property remotely. Eli went above and beyond doing all of the legwork for us, including all aspects of site identification and selection to lease negotiations and move-in. Always providing us with accurate information, understanding our specific needs, and setting realistic expectations along the way. I found him to be very reliable, professional, and highly knowledgeable about the New York area. Furthermore, it was hugely helpful that he offered tremendous follow up even after the transaction.

I would highly recommend his company and services to anyone.
Venture Capital Tech Company Office Manager
Thanks so much for your help Eli, you really saved the day for us here. You also "called-it" that we would like the space. You will definately have all of our business (hopefully for longer term leases and bigger spaces next year) as well my referral to anyone I know looking for commercial space in NYC. You're the best.
Josh - CEO of Magnetic
I had been meaning to thank you for the basket and your awesome support in finding our office and making the whole process easy. We love the office and will call you when we outgrow it.
Kristina - Context America, Inc
Thank you so much for the basket of yummy treats! You really didn’t have to. But dried fruit, cookies, chocolate, and cheese and crackers are our favorites, so well done!
Anyway, it was pleasure working with you too and we are truly loving our new office. Thanks again for everything.
Clarke - EDCIH
I want to thank you for the excellent job you did on our behalf. We are in the space and very happy.
Keith Maiorana
Lauren K.
"Keith Maiorana was my broker last week in hopes of finding a great new home in downtown Manhattan. Not only did Keith find me an incredible apartment, but he spent majority of his afternoon showing me around the area and making me feel entirely comfortable with my move to NYC.

Following my signing of the lease, Keith took it upon himself to send me a follow up email highlighting helpful websites to use in regards to getting around the city and places he would recommend (restaurants, bars, etc.).

I will definitely refer Keith to friends and family that are in need of a broker for the NYC area. Just wanted to pass my thoughts along to you and thank you for a great experience with your company's assistance"
Maylyn Lyn
Corney (4/7/13)
When I met Kern and Maylyn I knew right away that they were very knowledgeable of the Ditmas Park rental market and had the inside track on up and coming rentals. They were professional, & listened to my requirements and showed me apartments that fit my needs. Because of their experience & relationship with various management agencies, they knew how to guide me in my search and gave me sound advice on how to apply and get approved for an apartment. I ended up in a beautiful apartment in a building I love because of their hard work &guidance. I have referred them many times to friends and colleagues, and would work with them again.
Ashley C Smith (4/4/2013)
Apartment hunting in New York is a real task, especially when you're trying to stay within a budget. Maylyn showed my roommate and I apartment after apartment that we loved! I've moved around New York and have never been so satisfied with an apartment search. Maylyn turned an exhausting hunt into a field trip. She presented us with options that met all of our criteria, was extremely knowledgeable about the neighborhood, was very responsive and extremely professional. I highly recommend her services and am very happy with our new place.
Pascale Hector 4/3/2013
I had a really great experience working with Maylyn and Kern. They made my search for an apartment very easy and hassle free. They found the right apartment in the ideal neighborhood for my family and I. I am extremely pleased. I hope they keep up the good work.
Moya Hewi
Our apartment hunt had proven itself as an exhausting, frustrating, and sometimes disappointing endeavor. My roommate and I had been told countless times that what we envisioned was not within our budget. Our encounter with Maylyn was just what we needed for our pursuits. She was very response with all our emails, and phone calls (very important). Maylyn was very helpful as she was determined to find a place that we would love. She is highly professional, very patient, and has a charismatic touch! I recommend her whole-heartedly and will continue to use her service when necessary.
Diana & Larissa (4/25/11)
Maylyn & Kern, Thank you all again for your help and your flexibility with us. Larissa and I are constantly marveling at how easy you guys made this and how accommodating you've been!
Thank you again!!!! We really appreciate all the help you've given us.
Kern Daniel
Corney (4/7/13)
When I met Kern and Maylyn I knew right away that they were very knowledgeable of the Ditmas Park rental market and had the inside track on up and coming rentals. They were professional, & listened to my requirements and showed me apartments that fit my needs. Because of their experience & relationship with various management agencies, they knew how to guide me in my search and gave me sound advice on how to apply and get approved for an apartment. I ended up in a beautiful apartment in a building I love because of their hard work &guidance. I have referred them many times to friends and colleagues, and would work with them again.
Diana & Larissa (4/25/11)
Maylyn & Kern,
Thank you all again for your help and your flexibility with us. Larissa and I are constantly marveling at how easy you guys made this and how accommodating you've been!

Thank you again!!!! We really appreciate all the help you've given us.
Kevin Seaman
Kevin P.
Kevin did a fantastic job helping us find our new apartment. He honed in right away on exactly the type of unit and building we were looking for, and was right on target with every unit he showed us. Additionally, he was able to get us in to a nicer apartment than we anticipated being able to afford by working with the management company to creatively restructure the terms of our lease. We highly recommend Kevin to anyone seeking a rental apartment in Downtown Manhattan or elsewhere!
Peter Sherman
It was a pleasure working with Kevin on the rental of my apartment. Not only was he available at all hours, but in particular I appreciated his frequent emails and phone calls to keep me updated on the rental progress. In addition, his advice about the process was always spot on. Once again thanks for making this an easy experience!
Evan Osur
Claire Graves
Found Evan Osur on my recent apartment search and am so thankful I did! He was easy to get in touch with, friendly and not pushy, and most importantly, straightforward! He let me know about a "no fee" apartment that I had been told had a fee by another broker. He was efficient with my application and paperwork. Such a great experience - highly recommend!
Jennifer Mccoy
This is the second time I''ve worked with a Living NY agent; both times moving has been 100 times less stressful than it could have been!

Evan Osur was a referral and from the first contact found me an apartment within 3 days!

He completely understood my situation and worked very hard to make the process painless. I only walked into the apartment for 30 seconds before knowing it was the perfect place for me.

I highly recommend the team at Living as they are the most honest and friendly group- and the brokers will keep working with you even when you feel like all hope is gone!!

Evan and Adam, the two years I''ve lived here in NYC- you both have saved my life multiple times. Thank you!
Marsha Mcgogney
Evan Osur and Tamir Baradarian were honestly, a rare breed of brokers in NYC who seem to truly care about matching their clients with their hopes and needs without all of the negativity than can come with the package. They seemed like people who actually have dealt with the stress of having to find a new apartment for themselves in NYC and tried hard to lessen the stress for me. They were both down-to-earth and really to rally around their client to secure a great deal. Tamir had a great sense of what might fit with what I was looking for and honed in on some really great apartments at great prices during my search, which only lasted a few hours in his capable hands. Evan was concise and encouraging in putting together my application and had me approved within a few hours! After many moves within Manhattan, I can truly say that these are my go-to brokers in the future. I will readily refer them to anyone in need of a new home in the NYC metropolitan area! It really was as smooth as it can get!
Jeffrey Kelly
If you are ever looking for an apartment in Upper Manhattan of NYC, I would highly recommend getting in touch with Evan Osur from Living New York. Evan was extremely helpful in helping me land the apartment I am about to move into. He really keyed in on the qualities of an apartment that I was looking for, and unlike many other brokers I dealt with, did not wast my time showing me apartments that I had no interest renting. They are patient and no-pressure. Evan was particularly helpful in helping me finesse my kind of complicated financial background in order to meet the financial requirements of the landlord. You can''t go wrong with these guys!
Mirielle Chartouny
We recently moved to New York and were on a corporate housing and had a deadline by which we should have found a place and moved out. After having seen more than a 100 apartment in the city with different brokers, We finally met Evan who took the time to sit with us and walk us through the procedures and also was very responsive to our needs. It only took him 2 days to find us the perfect place. We can honestly say that Evan delivered more than most of other brokers delivered, and believe me i have worked with a lot of brokers. Definitely would recommend him to anyone moving to New York! Just a quick tip, be very specific about your needs and wants, and he''ll definitely find you exactly what u need! Good Luck !

Adam Clement
had the luxury of a non-deadline lease with my former landlord, and thus spent a more than a few months on-and-off searching for my new/current place in BK Heights. After much nebulous criteria, going from preferences ranging from the upper west, to upper east, to midtown and below, I realized I loved brooklyn and wanted to stay.

My broker, Evan Osur, had been my go-to broker for those summer-to-winter months, and happened to know the Manhattan area better by a margin, but after I took a hard left with my decision to stay in BK, he quickly scanned and got great grasp of the areas that would fit my criteria (not an easy feat), and within a week and a half, found me the most perfect place that I now occupy.

He''s attentive, persistent, and absolutely wants to find you the place YOU want. I''ve worked with several brokers in the past and Mr. Osur is someone who treats you as a friend who wants to see you happy rather than someone working on a proverbial time clock for your money.
Jeremy Barnett
As anyone in NYC knows, buying an apartment can be a very hard and over whelming process -especially for first time buyers like us. The process for buying an apartment for us was just that. Thankfully we had Evan Osur and the team at Living NY to help us through this process and ultimately make us very happy that we bought an apartment. We hit a lot of obstacles on the way and the deal at one point was pretty much dead, but Evan and his team at Living NY refused to let it fall apart and ultimately got us to a closing and completed the deal. Evan was patient with the seller''s broker and lawyer and worked hard to make sure our deal got done and i AM confident he will do the same for you.
Tali Mishael
I recently relocated from Atlanta to NYC and had some pretty specific requirements for the type of apartment I was looking for and the neighborhood I wanted to be in. I was put in touch with Evan Osur and he was excellent to work with! I knew absolutely nothing about NYC Real Estate and how to navigate the market and management companies, but he talked me through everything and made sure I was kept in the loop every step of the way. I honestly could not have found an apartment without his help nor would I have gotten as good of a deal as I did. I highly recommend working with him!
Irene Meier
“I worked with Evan Osur and would (and have)nrecommend him in a heartbeat. He was always punctual, friendly, reliable and very helpful with the entire process. He closed the deal within two days and was able to answer all my questions or would follow up the same day. Yes you pay a broker''s fee, but at least you get something for the price you pay. Won''t move out of my lovely apartment again, but if I did, I''d definitely ask Evan to find me a new one.
Jeff Kelly
“Working with Evan Osur was a breeze, and a great experience overall. We ended up choosing the apartment that he prioritized for us, so it ended up being the first we saw on a long list. Evan was attentive and responsive every step of the way, as well as polite. I would highly recommend working with him at LivingNY.”
Jake Incao
Tom Hennes
"Jake is terrific. I looked for an apartment for more than two months before I met him. I''m a designer and not easy to please, but he completely understood what I was looking for and zeroed in on it in a single afternoon. His followup was great, he was responsive at every turn, and he delivered exactly what he promised. A great apartment, and a great experience."
Roni, Rachel, and Jordan
"Jake always brought a great deal of energy and positivity with him which helped to create an enjoyable process of getting our apartment. Jake was always attentive and there to talk to when needed. We were searching for an apartment for several months with various brokers and Jake was by far the best! He went above and beyond for us and for that we are truly grateful. A big thanks to him!"

Hope all is well! Thanks Jake!
Adam Kaphan
Carlton (5/18/13)
"Reliable, knowledgeable, truthful, and resourceful. These attributes proved to be more than just words, working with Adam Kaphan at Living NY. Prior to working with Adam, I saw 8 different brokers, and used 5 different websites independently. What I found was difficulty, a number of hurdles I was not prepared to handle remotely from Texas and a number of listings that didn't meet my basic needs. Working with Adam was a breath of fresh air. He was able to find me a listing that exceeded my needs and also informed me about many little things I didn't know were important. Without Adam, the experience of my move from TX to the city would definitely have been diminished. Beyond the things I have mentioned, what you'll find that separates Adam is his ability to go above and beyond. Even after I secured my listing, Adam continued to help me with my move, helping me work with the management company, giving me additional details about the neighborhood, transportation, and going out of his way to help me secure items after management hrs. Adam is beyond what you'd get from normal brokers, with him, you know you're getting the right service at the right price!"
Adam Toback
Young R 5/7/2013
I came across Living NY early in my most recent apartment search and ended up working with one of their agents, Adam Toback. I thought he was hard working, responsive, not very pushy, respectful of my budget and criteria, and had a nice personality. Apartment hunting can be an overwhelming process with not a lot of transparency and each time around, I just get more paranoid.

It was helpful to have someone to provide a professional opinion and schedule all the appointments. We ended up seeing quite a few apartments -- around 17 apartments total over the course of two weeks, until finally finding the right one. It was an apartment that I would definitely have overlooked on my own because it didn''t look great in pictures while it was undergoing renovations, so I credit Adam with having the imagination to look through that and knowing how much of a sucker I am for apartments on cute streets with historic charm. =P He was also able to ensure the renovations would be done as promised.
Frainy M. 5/25/2013
Apartment hunting can be one of the most overwhelming tasks, especially if you don''t have a lot of experience/knowledge on where and how to start. In contacting Living NY I met Adam Toback, he is the nicest and most accommodating realtor I know, always on time, and very responsive of all of my inquiries before and after I finally decided on an apartment. If you ever work with this company ask to speak to him, he is by far the professional and concerned realtor.
Melissa V. (3/31/2013)
My boyfriend and I looked at numerous apartments (in numerous neighborhoods) on our own through Craigslist and couldn''t find anything that was big enough, on a street safe enough and still in our budget. That''s when we found Adam Toback. He found us a gorgeous apartment in our price range and even bigger (and generally better) than our current place. Adam worked his butt off making sure everything was perfect. He meticulously walked us through every step of the application process and prepared us for all possible obstacles (there tend to be many in NYC) to ensure we found a place we loved no matter what. I''ve already recommended him to a couple of friends and highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an intelligent, reliable broker who will go above and beyond to help you find what you''re looking for.
-Sarah J. (4/2/2013)
I just wanted to write about my great experience while working with Adam Toback. He was very helpful and patient when it came to us viewing several apartments before we found the right one for us. I would certainly recommend asking to work with Adam because it felt like he really cared and wasn''t just trying to make a commission. I would only use his services in the future.
Kyle M. (3/30/2013)
Adam Toback found us the perfect apartment in Manhattan. Actually, its a bigger place for $300 less than we were paying in Brooklyn. My girlfriend and I highly recommend him and hope he can help you out as much as he helped us!
Jennifer M. (3/23/2013)
I just moved to the New York area and was not prepared for the brutal reality of looking for an apartment. I got turned down four times and worked with three different brokers before I found Living. The whole team was great, but Adam Toback worked especially hard to find the right place for me. Between financial hurdles, a large dog, and my picky requirements, I'm sure it was a challenge. I will definitely work with Adam again!
Chris Dell’Armo
C. Lewellyn
Chris was amazing during the sale of our house. He was not only very knowledgeable about the market and the consummate professional, but also fun to work with. He helped us set the correct price, figure out how to properly stage our home and then navigated the various offers we received to find the best buyers. It was truly one of the smoothest and most enjoyable real estate deals I've ever been a part of.

Linda Murray
Linda is really helpful when I was hunting a place to stay in desperate. She took me to the place which suit my need and expectation. She also gave me suggestion on every apartment since I am a newbie in renting apartment. She always contact me, return my call and set up appointment properly. I will recommend she if you are finding an agent.

When I began looking for an apartment in New York, I did not have too many resources. I found Linda via Craigslist and she immediately stood out as a very understanding and receptive broker. She followed up regularly, finding listings in several different neighborhoods, and she even picked me up and drove me to several of the listings herself. After we found the right place, Linda kept me informed about all the necessary paperwork. She was a diligent and trustworthy liaison between the management company and me. Even after the deal closed, Linda followed up and continued to communicate with management on my behalf. She made finding an apartment in New York easier than I imagined.
Jasmine Jordan
Linda made finding an apartment easy for me. Her diligence and patience were appreciated. She is great broker and I would be glad to refer her to anyone.
Amanda Griffith
Linda was exceptionally helpful during our search for an apartment in New York. As someone moving to NYC from out of state it is often difficult to evaluate properties from afar. Linda listened to our needs and found a unit that fit everything we asked for. She viewed the properties we were most interested in, sending photos and measurements, which saved us from having to make an extra trip to New York. She has been responsive on all levels and followed up with every question we asked. I have no reservations recommending Linda Murray at Living Real Estate.

Richard Nissan
It was my first time looking to rent an apartment in NYC and at first it seemed like and overwhelming and almost impossible task. Richard was very approachable and was very helpful. He took the time to listen to what I wanted in an apartment and went the extra mile to make sure we found the perfect fit. I was very impressed with his professionalism and his attention to detail. I ended up renting and apartment with his help and I am very happy with my new lease. I definitely recommend Richard to anyone who is looking to find an apartment in NYC
Maura and I would like to thank you for all the help you provided in finding an apartment. We are slowly getting all settled in and are extremely satisfied with the apartment itself as well as your services.
N. Saveris
We found Richard to be such a great fit for our situation. We had a specific apartment style in mind, but an open mind in regards to location, so we found that performing the search ourselves was a very difficult and an overwhelming task. Richard contacted us after we showed interest in a listing on NakedApartments. He set up multiple appointments each time we met and we covered areas all over NYC from the upper east, to midtown, to the financial district. Richard was also very accommodating and booked appointments around our work schedules. He took it upon himself to really get to know us and our wants/needs while performing daily searches to try and find the perfect fit. During our viewings, he always took note of our feelings about the neighborhoods, apartment sizes, amenities, etc. to further cater our search. He made us feel extremely comfortable throughout the whole process, never pushing us out of our price range or rushing us to get a specific apartment. Although we did see some listings slightly above our price range, it only helped us in forming our own perspective as to we really wanted and needed. We ended up signing a lease for an apartment at one of the first buildings that Richard had shown us and could not be happier. Richard is very knowledgeable in NYC realty and we would suggest using his services to anyone!
Jared Courville
Nicole D.
Jared is amazing. Attentive, honest, and a real pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Madelyn Danielson
Jared was so great to work with! As a first time renter, there were many things I needed to learn, and he was so helpful in explaining the details and steps involved in the process of getting an apartment. We found a great place, and he made the search easy and efficient!
Amelia Hammerl
Jared was extremely helpful throughout our apartment searching process. We contacted him about an apartment listing and he emailed us back within 10 minutes, and was able to show us the apartment later that day. We immediately decided we wanted the apartment, and he worked till after midnight that night so we could get our paperwork and application before the weekend. We ended up getting the apartment and could not be happier about our experience with Jared. He was very helpful and worked very hard to get us what we wanted.
Pamela Piork
José Antonio Blázquez Morera
Pamela found us a lovely place. It''s gorgeous, rent stabilized and it wasn''t in the market at the time she showed it to us.

She was very patient and helpful with the application process. When we were about to sign the lease, there was a little disagreement with the landlord, but she fought it for us, and we got what we wanted.

She was so nice that she even left a house warming gift for us in the kitchen!

I would definitely recommend her to everybody."

Bonnie W.
Pamela was great to work with, she was easy to talk to, on time for our appointments and showed my partner and I a variety of apartments. She was very knowledgeable about the area and listened to what we were looking for and was able to keep us within our price range. She also helped us negotiate with the real estate company so we could move in 5 days early at no extra charge from the management company and get 1 month rent free. I highly recommend Pamela for anyone looking for an apartment in Sunnyside. - Bonnie
M. Scheffler
The first time I contacted Pamela she responded immediately and professionally and the same carried through our entire experience together. I searched dozens of locations and met with a handful of Realtor and non were as accommodating and patient as she was. I would recommend her to anyone.
Michael P. 6/2/14
We recently rented an apartment in Queens with Pamela as our agent. Renting an apartment is a challenge, but Pamela was both professional and knowledgeable making the process relatively painless. She was also very timely when responding to all of our calls and emails. We would enthusiastically recommend Pamela to anyone looking to rent.
Tamir Baradarian
I met with Tamir when I was searching for an apt in NYC at a time when every available apt was getting snatched up the second it hit the market. Besides the frustrations of dealing with limited inventory I was constantly dealing with brokers who would send me phony images of apartments that were already rented out in order to get me to sign them up as my broker. I had literally lost all hope in the nyc real estate system until I met with Tamir and finally caught a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel. Tamir was absolutely pleasant to work, honest, and reliable. The apartment that I was interested in and that I had contacted him to see is miraculously the apartment that he took me to. He is a wonderful broker and very knowledgeable about the market. I absolutely recommend Tamir to anyone that doesn''t want to deal with the hassle and crazy business of the nyc real estate market!
After numerous bad experiences with multiple brokers, Tamir was a breath of fresh air. He was professional, informed, diligent, and collaborative with everything I needed in a new living space. Thanks to his help and, despite the grueling NYC apartment search, I''m ecstatic to say that I was able to find a place that I can call my home. I would recommend Tamir to anyone and everyone!
Sebastien Haizet
Hanna Homestead
Sebastien was fantastic to work with. New York City is a notoriously difficult place to find an apartment, but he actually made it a pleasant experience! After contacting him to view what turned out to be my dream spot, he worked diligently with me to ensure my application was air-tight and the apartment was secured within days. He even took time to proactively update me while my application was pending, which I greatly appreciated. I feel very fortunate to have had Sebastien’s help with finding my apartment - he was friendly, professional, and extremely responsive throughout the entire process. Thank you again, Sebastien!

Very best,

Michael O
I worked with Sebastien to apply for and eventually secure a lease on an apartment in the Upper West Side. He was very responsive, cordial, and served as a great advocate in our dealings with the property manager. I would not hesitate to recommend Sebastien to those seeking a quick, easy apartment hunting process in a difficult housing market like New York City.
Lena Maros
casnbrooklyn474@gmail.com. Date:10/13/15
Lena Maros has been the best Realiter I have ever worked with. She gets you places that''s better than what you even asked for at the same price. She works night and day and keeps you updated throughout from beginning till the end. I''ve had a great experience working with Lena Maros and I''m confident to say everyone else will just the same.
Timothy Brindamour. Date:10/26/15
My wife and I worked with Lena to find an apartment. Lena did a great job! We saw many great apartments and Lena took the time to understand what we were looking for. Lena was flexible with our schedule and did a good job of representing us when it came time to put in an offer.
Christine Heartmont
Stacey Rose
Good Afternoon,

Just a note to tell you what a great job Christine has done as our
real estate agent for a Manhattan rental.

My stepdaughter and I have been looking for apartments for her as she
enters a 3-year law school program in August, and we found a lovely
place that Christine and your company had listed. Christine made the
process very easy for us--especially as we are from out-of-state--and
has been a total pleasure to work with.

She went out on a limb to help hold the apartment for us before the
holiday weekend, trusting that we were serious about it with emailed

She showed me the apartment yesterday and could not have been more
friendly, professional, and helpful.

I'm sure you know what a good employee you have in Christine, but it's
always nice to hear from someone who is objective and who experienced
her expertise first-hand.
She's a gem!